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  • Tales of Tobi's Terrors

    The sky seemed duller somehow. I sat under a tree at the edge of my forest gazing deeply upward towards what seemed an endless array of possibilities. I was greeted, as I pondered, by the twitch of my pointed ear. It signaled the nearing of something. It …

  • G'Narsh

    Some time ago, there was a city, called Frogmore. It once stood proud and gleaming in the plains between Harken Forest and the Ogrefist Hills in the Nintir Vale. It had a bussling economy due to the rich mines, and lush forests nearby for the denizens to …

  • Filraen Illyar

    Taken up to being a mercenary for the love of the fight and to sharpen his senses to the utmost extreme. He strives to be the best with a blade in close or ranged combat.

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